Who We Are

Founded in 2016, we looked at what the rest of the world was doing with Drones and surveying techniques. We looked at the extensive territory of Kazakhstan and the widespread infrastructure often in difficult to access places. Following several months of business research it was decided to launch Drone services commercally in Kazkahstan as Aardvark LLP.

The company in line with Kazakhstans growth policies, is endevouring to promote a growth industry and to provide personal development paths for national employees bringing new skills requirements and new applications for exisitng skills.
Our plans are to develop drone usage in Kazakhstan accross all market sectors, providing safe and affordable imagery for aerial viewpoints.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a professional, profitable and socially responsible business.

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Our Solution

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles are the way forward in conducting accurate reliable surveys and inspections. Speed of deployment, safety and cost effectiveness.

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Our Services

Inspections, Surveys, Agricultural mapping Infrastrucure mapping Photography and Video.

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How We Do It
Step one

Agreement with the client on the scope of work, this includes identifying the area or item to be surveyed. We check existing map data to check for any potential safety issues at the site or in the surrounding areas. We agree on the output data requirements. We then plan the mission in the office, we set up the project with a pre-planned flight route, a site pre-flight inspection check and full details of the task.

Step two

Our flight team attend site, they receive any local site safety induction. The flight team then perform a pre-flight safety inspection of the site noting take off and landing area, secondary safe landing zones. They note any potential hazards not made during the office assessment. Once our flight team have conducted their pre-flight checks then they assemble essential personnel for a flight safety briefing. All persons how are not involved in the mission are excluded from the flight area and flight control point.

Step three

The flight team conduct the mission and together with the client observe the collected information to ensure all necessary data according to the mission brief is captured. After the flight, the raw data can be reviewed locally to check integrity.

Step four

The flight team return to the office where the data is downloaded and any post processing requested by the client is carried out. Once completed the data is despatched to the client.

Our Services

Helicopters and light aircraft have high operating costs, compared to drones. Remote sites,away from airfields cannot be easily serviced. Small operating crews and lower cost equipment significantly reduce the costs of using drones compared to aerial filming units. There is no need to rent access equipment or build temporary scaffolding all saving project costs. Survey times are reduced and plant operations are less disrupted.


Falling from height or through unsafe structures remains one of the major causes of fatalities. With drone technology there is no need to use ladders, access platforms, scaffold or other means of accessing high or unsafe inspection areas. Extensive work in HES risk management forinspection personnel is not required.


Drones provide access to places inaccessible by conventional means, they can operate in small confined spaces. They can get closer to the survey points. You can deploy drones from safe access points then fly over terrains unsuitable for normal access and quickly obtain high quality imagery from varying angles and perspectives


The list of applications for drones grows daily. Prospective clients generate new ideas on drone usage. Just a few existing uses include Agiculture, Construction, Mining, Surveying, Media services, Search and Rescue, Asset Inspections and Infrastructure Surveys. See Our services for even more Drone use ideas.


Drones have been developing since their inception, they produce very little noise and hence can be flown with minimal disruption in both residentail and rural areas. Their speed of aquisiton also means any disruption is kept to the shortest time possible.


Battery powered drones are a green solution to aerial surverying and inspections. With an almost zero carbon emission and extremely low impact on the environment, drones are the eco-friendly way to obtain your aerial imagery.